A Christmas Ghost Story

I had always believed that the British tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas began with Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, but apparently that was merely a revival of a much older practice that had been suppressed by Cromwell and the Puritans a couple of centuries earlier.


Winter Issue For this issue’s installment of “Trips,” Kendric W. Taylor takes us into the…

Always Time for a Train Scenes from Life on the Rails 

A passenger train is a rolling village.
Some people move in and out;
others are long-term residents.
Club cars are the village squares,
where you run into your neighbors,
make friends, and find out who avoid . . .’  

Email from New Zealand: Animation ‘60s Style

The grand plan was to outline the science-fiction-tinted future that lay before

 New Zealand under the elegant technical husbandry of the Ministry of Works. 

I had been in New Zealand for something  over a year, in the middle ‘60s, before falling under the spell of the girl who was fated to become Mrs. Sillay. 

A Quick Trip Around The World With Markus Fogg

Our man, Markus Fogg, has been dutifully recording his admittedly miscreant meanderings about the world since he wandered into our office last winter and wheedled an assignment as our reporter-at-large.  We green-lighted him to report back from his journeys in a column we called “Fogg’s Horn, The Miscreant Meanderings Of Our Man Markus.” For the past year, Fogg has been diligently providing copy for the column, crafted in his inimitable stylings.  

Editor’ Letter

With this Anniversary Issue, we begin our second year as Natural Traveler Magazine®.  After four quarterly issues, bringing you the work that our journalists, memoirists, writers of fiction, poets, essayists, photographers and artists have contributed to our magazine, we are even more convinced of the relevance of Henry Miller’s statement: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things.”