Editor’ Letter

Vol. II, No. 1

With this Anniversary Issue, we begin our second year as Natural Traveler Magazine®.  After four quarterly issues, bringing you the work that our journalists, memoirists, writers of fiction, poets, essayists, photographers and artists have contributed to our magazine, we are even more convinced of the relevance of Henry Miller’s statement: “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things.”   

To make the point, we’ve taken you through subjects ranging  from the creation of a CD to the protection of sea turtles on the Texas Gulf Coast, explained how a company that manufactures nonstick coatings has made the world a better place  in which to live, how artificial intelligence has become the human within, and why Iceland has been a great place to visit, whether you were a U.S. Marine in the 1960s, or one of the world’s best 

photojournalists visiting there just last year.  Regular features spotlight our correspondents’ klutzier moments in a column we call “Trips,” or outrageously bad moves in a feature we call “Waaaaht?”  Two correspondents cover unusual or everyday things half a world apart in Emails from New Zealand and Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We take you train-tripping and hangar-flying.  Honor the work of author Donald Bain and artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Have run photo essays on some of the world’s most fashionable city streets, or the dazzling colors where a boardwalk on Long Island borders the sea.  Published finely crafted fiction and poetry. And do it all again, every quarter.  

On the cover of this issue, we’ve chosen to highlight the fine work of our Malaysia-based artist, Sharafina Teh, who managed to put a face on our alter-ego, reporter-at-large, Markus Fogg.  Fogg’s exploits, detailed each issue in his column “The Miscreant Meanderings Of Our Man Markus,” are covered in his dispatches from far and wide. Fina’s contributions have been lending her art to the settings of Fogg’s journeys.  Recently she turned her talents loose on a short video highlighting his travels, entitled, “ A Quick Trip Around the World with Markus Fogg.” How Fogg’s star turn came about is detailed in this issue, including a link to the video.  “A Conversation with Sharafina Teh” puts her art in perspective and recounts how a need to create becomes a life’s work.  

So, welcome to this quarter’s edition.  We hope you are nourished yet again on the work of people who honor us by sharing their art.  

–  Tony Tedeschi 

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