A Quick Trip Around The World With Markus Fogg

Our Reporter-at-Large Stars in a New Video:
‘A Quick Trip Around The World With Markus Fogg.’
How His Star Turn Came About

Our man, Markus Fogg, has been dutifully recording his admittedly miscreant meanderings about the world since he wandered into our office last winter and wheedled an assignment as our reporter-at-large.  We green-lighted him to report back from his journeys in a column we called “Fogg’s Horn, The Miscreant Meanderings Of Our Man Markus.” For the past year, Fogg has been diligently providing copy for the column, crafted in his inimitable stylings.  

Several months back, we raised the issue of our correspondent’s stasis in static media with our talented artist, Sharafina Teh.  Fina allowed as how she could fashion a brief video with some clips of Fogg’s journeys, including dispatches filed but yet to appear in the magazine.  The outcome is a wonderful work, representative of Fina’s own inimitable stylings entitled: “A Quick Trip Around The World With Markus Fogg.” We were so  taken by the process that has brought this about we decided to share it. It began with a storyboard we emailed to Fina at her studio in Malaysia.  

Fina began by sketching line drawings of Markus as he would move across the various locations

“After drawing out the storyboards, I sketched the keyframes and edited timing in Pencil 2D animation software,” Fina explains.  “I needed to see if the pacing and the duration were suitable and were working right. This would be the first draft of the animation. After that, I worked on the background. I took out the sketches of the character from the animation and imported them into drawing software called Painttool SAI.  Next, I sketched and painted out the backgrounds for the animation. Then, I worked on the animation in Pencil 2D and started drawing out the “in betweens” – those frames between the keyframes – to make the animation look smoother.” 

Once she felt satisfied with the animation, Fina got started on the cleanup. 

“The first step was to export all the frames I drew in Pencil 2D and traced over the linework in Painttool SAI, then coloring them all one by one,” she says.  “I also imported the finished drawings into Pencil 2D and matched them up with animation that I made to make sure it all looked OK.”

After cleaning up the animation, Fina exported the frames into a folder created for the animation to make sure the process was properly organized.  Next came post-production using Adobe After Effects to assure visuals looked their best. After importing the animation and backgrounds into the same sequence of video footage, she made sure it all synced up properly.  

“When I’m satisfied with the timing and the composition, I do final touches,” Fina says.  “I added a bit of gradient to the animation and background, overlaying them so it all wouldn’t look too harsh. I also added some special effects like the camera flash, as well as the sunlight in the sequence at the Sphinx, then fade-ins and fade-outs.  Next, I added the title at the beginning and credits at the end; then finally, the music.”

The wonderful result: “A Quick Trip Around The World With Markus Fogg.”

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