By Karen Dinan

One of the principal motivations for traveling far and wide is the dramatic photos you come home with.  Just point a camera – or more likely an iPhone – at just about anywhere in Paris or Rome, in the direction of wildlife in Africa, or at the geologic wonders of Yellowstone and you have yet another portfolio for your digital albums, with a few prints to frame for prominent spots on the walls.  Neighborhood or hometown photos are, well . . . badly underappreciated. Let the following portfolio put that notion to rest.  

Photographer Karen Dinan lives in Long Beach on the south shore of Long Island, New York.  Her photos on the following pages were all taken, as we note: “over, on, under and beyond the boardwalk,” which runs just 2-1/4 miles along her city’s beachfront.  It’s a powerful argument to consider never leaving home . . . or at least never taking for granted where you live.

Kite Surfer
Even the gull is impressed.
All in a day’s surf.
The silver tones of failing light.
Emerging from the battle.
Undeterred by a chilly day.
The eastern sun sets in the west.
Lights of evening wink on.

All photographs in this Photo Essay
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