Summer Issue

Aglaia Davis
Kamilla didn’t mean to hit my car; she just miscalculated, Davis explains in her latest Email from the Upper West Side: ‘Hugging It Out’ – Batmo’s First Accident.

Bill Scheller
“We’re forgetting a cardinal rule about motoring: use the new car for vacation, and the old one for going to the post office,” Scheller writes about a trip to Grand Manan island, Canada, in a new feature we call “Trips,” double entendre intentional. He also takes us on a detour during a California trip, with “Little House on the Pacific, 1971”.

Pedro Pereira
Pereira explains the real reason to fear robots in the age of AI in his examination of, “The Human Within.”

Frank I. Sillay
Sillay describes an Iceland before it became a must-see tourist destination, when he served there with a US Marine unit during the mid-‘60s, in his memoir, “Speaking of Iceland”.

Karen Dinan
A portfolio by Dinan, provides a strong case for why you don’t necessarily need to wander far from home to create stunning photos, in this case, “Over, On, Under and Beyond the Boardwalk,” near her home in Long Beach, Long Island. Dinan also created the photo which graces our cover.

David E. Hubler
It’s axiomatic that New York Cityites often overlook the wonders of the rest of the state. So Hubler, born and raised in The Bronx, seeks a fix with “Impressions of a New Yorker’s First Visit to Niagara Falls”.

Tony Tedeschi
A misinterpreted interlude changes the course of two lives in Tedeschi’s short story, “Chemistry”.

Kendric W. Taylor
When is a “Monkey’s Fist” a cause for panic? Taylor explains.

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