By Norman de Plume

When the backhoe of the futurespades the dirt from o’er our timeand disrupts the moldy suturethat concealed our grand design,it will not reveal the magnitudeconveyed by Chinese wallsbut instead a panorama oftheme parks and shopping malls.

Great works of old are cataloguedin archives where they awaitrelease as fitting epiloguesto the times they celebrate,but when archivists the dust blowoff the files down our old halls,they’ll uncover agéd photosof theme parks and shopping malls.

They’ll find shots of tetrahedrals,cubes of brick and glass galoreand in place of the cathedralwe’ve defined the anchor store,surrounded by the finestin cliniques, boutiques and such‘neath a bubble that confined uswhere the real air never touched.

Next we trimmed it all in concreteput down ramps to come and go,through macadam lots where car fleetscould meander to and fro.Close inspection did show tracesof where once old trees stood tall,but were swept off like erasuresfrom the final plans of mall.

Then, to tease the intellectionof what we did when free from work,there were shots in a collectionof the planet’s finest perks:plastic logs that ran the rapids,rooms of lasered wizardriesand oomph bands that roamed the standsin ersatz Germanies.

So ignore the art of Florence.Pay no heed to England’s lit.Be not moved by the sweet torrentsfrom Vienna’s concert pit.For when asked what, pray, endorsesus the match of Versailles halls,we respond it’s our golf courses,theme parks and shopping malls!

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